How it started

Several years ago, I moved from Senegal, Africa to Canada. As excited to begin a new chapter, I enrolled at the University of Moncton to pursue my degree in finance. Living abroad was challenging. It was tough to be alone, and I missed everyone and everything in my hometown. 

 Luckily, my university had lots of international students. I joined several African associations (Senegal, Mali, Burkina, Guinea) and started volunteering to meet new people and contribute to my new community. I usually catch up with my family and friends during weekends. However, calling cards (before Facetime and Whatsapp were invented) were bad in connection and expensive, so I did not get much time to talk.


After graduation, I secured a job at PepsiCo, a Fortune 500 company. I rose to a management position and lived my life to the fullest. Except for not connecting to my family as much as I want. I have been where you are and understand the feeling of living away from everyone you know. After much success at a Fortune 500 company, I founded TSD TELECOM, hoping to help emigrate Africans stay connected with their loved ones back home.

TSD TELECOM is different. We make it easy to recharge and send internet data to your loved ones’ mobile in Africa anytime and anywhere. With a few clicks, you can also make a difference by paying their electricity bills. We cut out costs, save you money, and make it easier to connect with people that matter to you.

Why not give us a try?

 Put a smile on the face of your parents, siblings, and friends. The feeling of hearing your voice is priceless as well as having their electricity bill taken care of.

Thierno Diallo

Founder and CEO of TSD TELECOM