Send love
Bridge distances

“Send love, Bridge Distances” emphasizes the power of love and the role it plays in bridging emotional distances and maintaining strong relationships

About Us

TSD TELECOM is a Canadian start-up headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With a heart for keeping families connected and understanding the pain of being separated from loved ones, we offer a convenient, fast, and secure solution to send airtime and pay electricity bills for those in Africa. Our service covers over 130 operators across 44 African countries; available to access anytime, anywhere via our user-friendly website or TSD app. As a customer-oriented company, our goal is to be the premier destination for Africans living in the diaspora who need to stay connected with their loved ones back home in Africa.


Connecting families:

Our Mission

We’re committed to make it simple and affordable to stay connected through mobile reloads and pay Electricity bills for your loved one in Africa from anywhere in the world. We use the top technology in the industry to fulfill the promise of delivering your transaction instantly. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and that’s why we’re committed to honesty, professionalism, and confidentiality in everything we do. At TSD TELECOM, we’re dedicated to delivering the ultimate customer satisfaction experience.